Achilles Tendon & Heel Pain

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Many people experience an Achilles tendon injury while playing a sport or running. Car accidents and other forms of impact may also cause damage to this area. To find the best Achilles treatment option for you, we'll examine your tendon, then determine if medication, physical therapy or surgery is the best option.

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Don't ignore the warning signs

An Achilles tendon injury can be painful, but you can usually still walk on it, which makes it difficult to tell how severe the issue is. We suggest seeking Achilles treatment if...

  • You have severe pain down the back of your leg or near your heel
  • The pain around your ankle hinders your physical activity
  • You notice a stiff, sore Achilles tendon when you first wake up
  • You have difficulty flexing or walking due to swelling
  • You hear a "pop" sound and feel sudden sharp pain, which suggests a ruptured tendon
Don't wait until you're out of commission to start Achilles treatments in El Paso, TX. Reach out now to get a diagnosis of your Achilles tendon injury.