Ankle Pain

How did you get your ankle injury?

You don't have to be an athlete to experience ankle pain. Sprains and fractures can occur if you:

  • Experienced a car crash
  • Fell on a hard or uneven surface
  • Tripped over something
  • Twisted your ankle

The ankle injury treatment options we provide depend on the severity of the injury. Call now to arrange your ankle injury treatment in El Paso, TX.

Alleviate your pain. Reduce your downtime.

When you suffer an ankle sprain, fracture, strain or tendonitis, you might deal with ongoing pain and swelling. There are a few ways you can alleviate ankle pain with at-home ankle injury treatments, including...

  • Resting your ankle by staying off your feet
  • Using ice to reduce swelling and ease pain
  • Wrapping or bracing your ankle for support
Visit a doctor at Premier Foot & Ankle Specialist of Texas in El Paso, TX. We'll show you which ankle injury treatments will work best to help you get back on your feet quickly.